Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tour de Holland Part II: Eindhoven

So, on day 2 of our little design/culture/culinary tour we went (first) to... Eindhoven! Why Eindhoven??!! you might think, but if you skip the ugly city centre and go straight to the Strijp S area and surroundings, Eindhoven can be so cool!!! Strijp S used to locate the factories of Dutch electronic giant Philips. After they left Eindhoven, the area has been redeveloped (and is still being redeveloped), turning it into the new creative and cultural hub in town. The annual Dutch Design Week (DDW) is (partly) held here and you can find restaurants, cafes, studios and more here. One of the Strijp S' highlights is definitely Radio Royaal, which used to be a temporary restaurant (linked to DDW), but is here permanently now. I went there a couple of times now and it has been a delight every time. It's located in Philips' old energy house, which gives it a rough and industrial touch - just fantastic! The food (French/German) is simple but really good, make sure to try their shrimp croquettes. Oh and bonus of course are their inspiring toilets. ;) More photos to follow!!

@ Radio Royaal © Eva V.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Concrete-glass-steel view

View from the Erasmus bridge: the Toren op Zuid by Renzo Piano (left) and De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas (right).

© Eva V.

Color blocking @ Kunsthal

© Eva V.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Susan, Maria & Stella

striking glamourous poses at a toilet in Den Bosch

Shopping bag: Susan Bijl | clutch: Maria Jobse | coat: Stella McCartney
© Eva V.

Tour de Holland Part I: Rotterdam

So last weekend we went on a little design/culture/culinary tour in Holland with our friends from Berlin. Amsterdam they had seen, so on the program were Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Den Bosch (finished with a relax day in Utrecht to digest all new impressions). Day 1: Rotterdam. I worked in this city for three years and like it a lot. While Amsterdam finds itself cool, Rotterdam is cool without thinking so. Of course I'm generalizing and it's just the impression I get when beging there (I don't know the city that well), but it definitely seems not for nothing that Rotterdam is called 'the city with the rolled up sleeves' - it's a working city, with Europe's largest port. But at the same time there is so much more to see and do (think cool shops, festivals, musea, architecture, etc.). For those who do not know this, Rotterdam was bombed in WWII, destructing virtually the whole city centre. Its rebuilding resulted in a lot of concrete, glass and steel. Some people say it's an ugly city, but I think it's fresh, cool and has that cosmopolitan atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in Holland. This you feel best when walking along the Maas river that crosses town. Below photos were taken at the famous Erasmus bridge. Meet our own 'Manhattan at the Maas'!

©  Eva V.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A lovely weekend with friends

We just had the loveliest weekend. Our friends Shino and Lasse (not in the picture - sorry Lasse but you're just not as photogenic ;) ) from Berlin were visiting us and together we went on a little design/culture/culinary tour in Holland. I will tell/show you more about it within the coming days!

(And no, this picture was not taken in my favorite hangout The Village)

© Eva V.

Monday, 24 March 2014


staring at me on a toilet at Radio Royaal (about which I will tell you more later!)

© Eva V.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Paris / A little city guide

We had a great time in Paris. Below are a couple of things we liked!


- Café Pinson (coffee/cake/lunch (all organic!). We went to the one in Le Marais, but there is also one in the 10th arrondissement)
- Kunitoraya (we went to the upmarket one at 5 Rue Villedo (exquisite Japanese dishes in a lovely brasserie setting), but at no. 1 there is also a more low-profile udon bar)
- Ten Belles (nice little coffee bar in Belleville; try their Cantal/blue cheese/onion sandwich for lunch!)
- Benoit (traditional bistro, run by the famous Alain Ducasse)
- Angelina (for - supposedly - the best hot chocolate in town!)


On the concept department:
- The Broken Arm (Northern Marais, you know the story)
- Merci (again in Northern Marais. We were just in time to see it.... get closed, but the stories about it are good and so was the view from outside ;) )
- Spree (16, rue la Vieuville, Montmartre; plus point: they sell clothes from Christian Wijnants - one of my favorite designers!)
- French Trotters (Le Marais. Nice, although not too special (oops, sorry, but it just seemed like another concept store stacked with plants and Kinfolk magazines... (which I love, so why complain?? I don't know, perhaps I'm just in for something new?)
- Centre Commercial (especially their KIDS store at 22, rue Yves Toudic)

- Ofr. Galerie (Northern Marais, bookshop & gallery)
- Papier+ (Le Marais, the prettiest notebooks)
- Maison Martin Margiela (25bis, rue de Montpensier)
- Miu Miu (rue Saint-Honoré, above my budget but what a delight!)
- Bonpoint (rue Saint-Honoré, the prettiest kids' clothes I've ever seen)


- Le 104 (I've told you about it before)
- just take your Vélib and cycle!

Go flat

Lately I'm very much into flats. It's partly born out of a necessity (my back has been a problem) and probably fed also by the masculine wave that seems to be going through the women's department. Since I'm quite tall/slim, the sturdy flat seems to work best (opposed to the fine ballerina flat, which I think goes better on the smaller girl). Below shoes I saw at TBA. The first one (from Adiev) I like in particular, although I'd rather have them in a less pinkish/sweet version (let's say the colours of the second pair!) I keep on dreaming.. Of pretty flat shoes... :)

© Eva V.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Paris / Le 104

About Le 104: it's a former city mortuary, located in the 19th arrondissement (at 5 rue Curial) (it's not that far, just take your Vélib!), turned into a monumental arts space. It boasts a dense cultural program, two restaurants, a couple of shops, a pizza truck and an organic market on the weekend. When we visited there was this 'Circulations' photo exhibition presenting the work of young European artists, some of which was really nice. Locals seem to hang out here a lot, enjoying a beer at the wood-covered Café Cache, dancing or practicing hula hoop. :) A vibrating and friendly place, so go check it out! By the way, we found out about it through GoGoParis - a young city guide that gives you the hottest spots to eat/drink/shop/sleep/hang out in Paris, focussing on emerging local designers, independent boutiques, small neighbourhood bars and fresh new restaurants 'that no other guide knows about yet'. The locations are constantly updated on an iPhone app and a new guide is released every six months, so they're guaranteed100% fresh. Another thing to check out when in Paris!

© Eva V.

Paris / Okay, I did some shopping..

I bought a pair of Acne jeans (Pin fresh, really happy with it) which of course I also could have easily bought back home (or online), but hey, purchasing it at the beautiful Palais-Royal does make it a little bit extra special, don't you think?

© Eva V.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Paris / The Broken Arm (2)

So, about TBA... (let's shorten, why not)... Paris has several nice concept stores, but this one was definitely the prettiest and coolest one we visited. An original collection of clothes, shoes, bags, books, magazines and some furniture pieces - it has it all. Not for the very tight budget (think Kenzo, Phillip Lim), but it's a really inspiring place, so just walking around here is satisfying. And if you're not into all that or have finished shopping, there is always the café next-door with its delicious cakes...

© Eva V.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Paris / Line study

performed by Susan & my new Church's (oh, the multi-purpose!) @ Le 104 (about which I'll tell you more later)

© Eva V.